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Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

Non-contact Infrared Thermometer

1) Measuring Range: 32.0 ~ 42.9 ℃ temperature / 89.6 ~ 109.2 ℉ temperature is 0.0 ~ 100.0 ℃ / 32.0 ~ 212.0 ℉
2) Measurement Time: 1 second
3) Measuring Unit: ℃/℉ (switchable)
4) Accuracy: temperature ±0.2 ° c /0.4 ° f temperature ±1.0 ° c /1.8 ° f
5) Measurement Distance: < 2.5cm
6) Temperature/Object Temperature Switching Function
7) Automatic/Manual Shutdown Function
8) 32-time Memory Function
9) Red, Yellow and Green Backlight Fever Tips
10) Battery Model: 3V, battery (2 pieces AAA)
11) Product Size: 135 x 77 x 39mm
12) Screen Size: 26 x 24 mm
13) Net Weight: 95g (including 2 AAA batteries)
14) Material: ABS
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Features & Specifications

As we know, the forehead thermometer is mainly designed for the measurement of human forehead temperature reference, the measurement is fast and accurate, and the use of a very simple method, is a family of electronic medical equipment. So, is the non-contact infrared thermometer a new product?What are the features?The non-contact infrared thermometer isa kind of thermometer which USES the principle of infrared reception tomeasure the body temperature.When used, it is only necessary to conveniently point the detection window at the forehead position to quickly and accurately measure the human body temperature. Compared withthe traditional mercury thermometer, the non-contact infrared forehead thermometer is a new product.Non-contact infrared thermometers aresuitable for use from pediatrics to geriatrics to measure the temperature of uncooperative patients and children without standing, waking, or touching.Safe, convenient, fast and accurate.It is more suitable for the detection of human temperature in public places such ashospitals, offices, factories, schools, hotels and office buildings to facilitate the screening of patients with fever symptoms to reduce infection and spread of the epidemic;It is also suitable for family members to check their temperature.The characteristics of non-contact infrared thermometer mainly include1. Accurate measurement: the traverse difference is ≤±0.3 degree.(adopt imported infrared detection system)2. Quick temperature measurement: the measurement time is less than 1 second.3. 3.Easy to use: one key measurement, easy to operate.4. Non-contact: measure the human forehead without touching the human skin.5. Servicelife: install 2 no.5 batteries, which can be used for more than 100,000times, and the service life of the product is >.3 million times.6. Measurement distance: it can be adapted within 5~15CM without fixing the measurement distance.7. 7.Large screen display: large screen LCD display, white backlight, any light can be clearly displayed.8. Temperature alarm: set the alarm temperature freely.9. Stored data: 32 measurement data are stored for analysis, reference and comparison.10. Setting modification: the setting parameters can be modified to adapt to different skin colors (white, black, yellow, etc.).11. Unit conversion: use Celsius and Fahrenheit to convert each other

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